So why build with concrete5?

I've been building websites for over 15 years so I grew up with the web by editing old-school HTML. When I first started using concrete5 a couple of years ago, I was shocked at how quickly things came together and how quickly I could add, edit and re-arrange the content on the pages or re-arrange the site itself for that matter. 

When something needs to be changed, from a simple typo to a complete page of 'This Weeks Specials', simply click the 'Edit' button and make your changes right on the page. If you can use Wordpad, you can create content on your website. It really is that simple. 

Page Versioning built right in


What's really great about concrete5 is that you can roll back any changes you make. We all mess up now and then and it's nice to be able to start fresh when that happens. Every time you save your changes, concrete5 saves your previous version so you can roll back 5 minutes or 5 hours or 5 days. It's a life-saver! Having all the versions available also allows website administrators to have an 'audit trail' for changes to the website. Also, if you remember a particularly catchy bit of content that you'd like to re-use, just turn back the clock and copy that block of content to the special concrete5 clipboard and paste it onto your new page.

User Permissions and Workflow

The "Advanced Permissions" system in concrete5 is truly incredible. You can restrict someone's access right downworkflow_flow_chart.png to a single block of text if need be. You can build extensive "member's only" sections with functionality right out of the box. If your organization needs to make sure that the proper people approve the changes, concrete5 has "Advanced Workflow" built right in too. It is truly a world-class, enterprise-ready solution.

Composer Tool

Every business owner with a website dreads the thought of training another new employee on how to edit the website properly while maintaining the proper look and composer.pngfeel. Concrete5 has a 'Composer' tool solves that. For structured input such as a testimonial, Google map or a job listing, this tool lets everyone just fill in the boxes and concrete5 automatically puts their content in the proper spots on the page in the proper order with the proper formatting just like the designer had in mind. Training employees consists of  "click this button and fill in the form".  Of course, more advanced users with the proper permissions are always free to bypass the Composer tool.

Very User Friendly

Folks just "get" it.  There is virtually no learning curve. 'In-page' editing means you don't have to learn your way around a new interface before you can start adding content to your pages and building your site. Moving content around on the page is as simple as drag 'n drop. There is even a sophisticated internal 'clipboard' for cloning large chucks of content so you can duplicate it from page to page. User_Friendly.pngThere are built-in 'Global Areas' that show up on every page so when you change things in one place, that change is displayed site-wide. Do you need to change your hours for the long weekend? 10 seconds later, your hours are changed everywhere they show up on your site. Do you need to activate your new 'Specials' page on Sunday morning but you're got a weekend tournament to run? Just set a release time on that page and it will automatically appear on Sunday morning.


Concrete5 has one of the most vibrant developer communities out there with new add-ons being built every day to extend the base functionality of your site. All add-ons are properly 'curated' so that they work as expected and install with the click of a mouse. About 50% of the add-ons available for concrete5 are free and the paid add-ons are usually under $30.

My name is Michael Hawke and I have been a successful businessman for over 30 years. I bring a depth and breadth of experience in retail and hospitality. I blend this experience into your website development because your website is your key to success.

I act as a Community Leader on the concrete5 technical support forums and have the skills and knowledge to be accepted as an Agency Partner with concrete5 which allows me direct access to the best and the brightest developers within the concrete5 family.

The future has arrived.
Are you ready?

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